8888-Display WiFi RS485 ModBus MQTT 
(versions: RAW, C4, C8, IND4) available [get it now - below]
8888-Display is a 7-segment LED display with 4 or 8 large digits and high brightness, with programmable brightness. 
It can display both digits and writings (also scrolling; with the limits of the 7 segments but fairly legible). 
It is set the first time it is used via internal WiFi (it creates its own WiFi which can be accessed with a PC / Mac or a smartphone) and can be controlled via: 
- WiFi (HTTP: HTTP WiFi manual or MQTT: common MQTT manual for automation, domotics, home assistant); 
- RS232 serial interface (2 wires are enough: TX, GND; serial manual for Display8888); 
- ModBus RS485 interface (A, B; ModBus manual for Display8888);); 
In short, the most popular interfaces in the world! This means that you can drive it with any automation, microprocessor, PLC, Computer, and microcontroller, including Raspberry and Arduino, ESP and a thousand others. 
(RAW version image; terminals GND A B 5V TX TX - order of terminals in silk-screen printing; dimensions 100x71mm) 
(RAW version image; rear; GND A B 5V TX TX terminals; if it suits you, you can solder a DC5.5mm connector to supply the 5 or 6V power supply, there is already the place) 
(C4 version image; the back has the same screw terminals as the RAW) 
(C4 version image; the back has the same screw terminals as the RAW) 
(image for IND4 version; with screw terminals or alternatively if you prefer with 6 PIN Avio-type round connector; which however means a hole in the IP56 box) 
It requires a 5V or 6V power supply (eg USB), or, if desired, it can also be powered directly at 3.3V (connect to VCC). 
There is a place to insert a Jumper (2.54mm - 1/10") to activate the 120 Ohm termination Resistor (already mounted internally; to be used only if it is necessary to terminate a very long RS485 / ModBus line, e.g. hundreds of meters; otherwise normally not needed!). 
Dimensions: RAW 100x71; C4 130x90; IND4 110x110; 
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Quick manual for 8888-Display 
1) connect to wfeasy.com WiFi - on some mobile phones it may be necessary to confirm the connection ("this connection does not have Internet etc. etc.") and / or disconnect the data connection because in some cases it penalizes performance; after the first configuration you can also connect via your WiFi see point B. 
2) connect with the browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to the wfeasy.com site - here is the QR: 
QR wfeasy.com 
3) a login page appears asking for a password, the standard one is pippo - enter it and click OK. Then the main page appears where you can choose whether to show a clock, show a scrolling text; or you can access the Settings menu 
1) connect etc. as in point A (at wfeasy.com/wfeasy.com) 
2) at the bottom of the main page, choose the link "Settings" 
3) the settings page will appear; immediately under the tongue, you can insert one or more WiFi to which you can connect; for example. home WiFi (or office or whatever); select your WiFi from the list (if it's not there, use the circular button that makes it repeat the search for WiFi), enter the password, click "+ + +" (sometimes it disconnects here; just reconnect)  
Display led ModBus cifre grandi 
4) the other operating parameters can be defined below: 
Display RS485 RS232 Seriale WiFi 
As for the parameters: 
- "Name" is the name you give to the Display (to distinguish it in case you have several to access in WiFi); 
- "Password" is the access password (in the image the standard ones; change it); 
- "Enable it for external control" if this box is "marked", to execute external commands via WiFi you will need to provide the password (WiFi command manual); 
- "Brightness" choice (can be changed with WiFi or serial or ModBus command) 
- "Synchronize with atomic clock" activates the synchronization of the clock with a group of atomic clocks - using the WiFi Internet connection to reach them (in this case a WiFi connection must be set up). 
- "ModBus Sentence / Scroll" using these boxes you can enter a sentence and obtain the Hex code to be sent in ModBus (including CRC) to display the sentence - or the number on 8888-Display. Or by entering HexAscii codes for ModBus, the ModBus CRC can be obtained. 
- "Comm" allows you to choose whether you want to control the display via RS232 serial interface or via RS485 / ModBus interface; 
- "ModBus Channel" allows you to choose which ModBus ID belongs to the Display, in case you are using many devices on a ModBus bus and not only the display; default is 1; 
- "Serial Display; Bits / Parity; Timeout" are the RS232 / RS485 operating parameters starting from the speed in Baud; 
1) connect etc. as in point A at wfeasy.com/wfeasy.com 
2) make sure that you have entered your WiFi parameters as in point B, and that you have memorized / connected them 
3) if it is connected to vs. WiFi, at the bottom of the window, will indicate the name of the WiFi and the IP it assumes, eg. 
4) with the PC / Mac / phone or whatever is connected to the home WiFi at this point 
5) Click the link if the page is still there, or type the number on the browser bar, all attached with all the dots that separate it, without spaces, for example or You can possibly set this number in your router (menu type "DHCP reservation" which is sometimes found in the advanced functions of the router). Example: 
Display LED grande Wifi Seriale  
- WiFi/HTTP (HTTP WiFi control manual); 
- serial interface RS232 (just 2 wires are needed: TX, GND; serial manual); 
- ModBus RS485 serial interface (A,B; ModBus manual for Display8888); 
Get 8888-Display (RS485 ModBus WiFi HTTP MQTT)! 
It is powered at 5V or possibly 3.3V; it is controlled with WiFi (simple HTTP requests, or with MQTT), through RS232 serial (just connect your TX to RX and connect GND), or through ModBus commands, (connect A, B; its default ModBus address is 1 ). 
Languages for the user interface: English, Fran็ais, Italiano, Espa๑ol, Deutsche. 
Made in Italy.  
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