Large 4-digit display, for electronic projects for Raspberry Arduino ESP etc. 
(versions: RAW) available [get it now - below]
It is a large 4-digit display, supplied without box / case, usable for electronic projects. It is a large 7-segment 4-digit high brightness LED screen. It can display numbers and, quite well, even letters (with the obvious limitations of 7 segments; there is already an optimized library). 
(from above, version with green, blue, white LEDs) 
In RAW version it needs 3.3V power supply and is controlled with 2 GPIO; that controls the 2 basic SI SCK signals; or if you have more GPIOs available you can also use RCK PWM (4 GPIOs in all) and have better scrolling and variable brightness. If you want to use only 2 signals, you can short-circuit the Red and Violet solder jumpers in the figure below. 
There is a "switch" also in the software library. 
The Arduino / ESP8266 / etc library to use it is available on GitHub (link with examples; easily adaptable also for Raspberry); note that the visualization is static (not multiplexed: the display therefore does not require interrupts and does not slow down your program to stay The examples in the library include the preset necessary for those wishing to mount an ESP8266 directly on the board (if desired, this can be done, together with an AZ1117 power supply regulator with 2 capacitors, CI and CO). 
The 8886 units can be cascaded to have 8 digits / letters, 12, 16, etc. providing adequate power supply (max absorbed about 400-600mA for each unit) there are practically no limits. 
For those who want a simpler life we have alternatively 8887-Display, a 4-digit display that can be driven by RS232 Serial interface, and 8888-Display, the same 4-digit/letter display that can be driven via Serial RS232, ModBus RS485 and WiFi HTTP or MQTT. In short, you send a command to display numbers or letters or scrolling via Serial or ModBus or HTTP or a command topic via Broker MQTT, and it executes! 
Dimensions 96 x 71 mm (approx) 
Made in Italy!  
Get Display8886 (RAW version) 
It is powered at 3.3V; it is controlled with 2 or 4 outputs, you can download a free library to show numbers and letters. 
(For any questions contact us...) 
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