The first wall clock for which you can print the chassis (or could it be called body? Or case?) 
Like the standard SuperClock, exact time and temperature and can also show sentences, also for generic / home automation, home assistant, MQTT 
(versions: V5, BAT, SOUND, TXTR, INT, EXT) available [get it now - below]
3D-SuperClock is the SuperClock bare structure, expressly created for those who asked us for a clock whose chassis/case they wanted to decide. 
We have therefore put online a 3D example file (it can be printed with transparent or semi-transparent plastics) that you can use directly for printing, and in addition you can download the OpenSCAD file which is used to plot the 8888 of the clock in case you want to choose to make your own different drawing (the 8888 are still the basis for defining the digits, so it is convenient to have them). 
We remind you that SuperClock is a digital wall clock and an ambient temperature meter, with large, high-brightness LED digits, which self-adjusts according to the ambient brightness. It always keeps the exact time, like radio-controlled clocks: for this it is enough to connect it to your WiFi (it synchronizes with a set of atomic clocks). 
In addition to the internal temperature, SuperClock can receive the temperature and / or humidity via WiFi from a TXtemp placed somewhere to take the temperature, eg on the outside
In addition, it can also show scrolling text that you can control via the internal WiFi (like the whole device), and you can program periodic alarms / actions (e.g. show a text at a given time). 
You can control it WiFi both with Web interface and HTTP calls, and in MQTT; then with various Home Assistants and Hubs for automation. On what is normally the clock you can send a scrolling message, change brightness, etc. 
A great convenience as well as a gimmick of sure effect !! 
The actual circuit has the DC 5.5 / 2.1mm socket mounted on the back to power it at 5V (central 5V external GND) and the temperature and brightness sensors (which are missing in the pictures above). 
The clock must be powered at 5V, which can be obtained from USB or USB mobile chargers or any other DC 5V power supply. 
It is fully functional like the complete model, SuperClock (only the body is missing); it can be configured with a PC or Mac or with any smartphone (Android, iPhone, etc.) from any browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox Explorer, etc.) with just a few clicks, without the need to install the App. 
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Languages for the user interface: English, Français, Italiano, Español, Deutsche. 
Made in Italy!  
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