A really nice wall clock, Italian style, that will not only show the exact time and temperature, but also sentences, and can be used with automation / home assistant, with MQTT HTTP WiFi 
(versions: V5, BAT, SOUND, TXTR, I, E) available [get it now - below]
Orologio/SuperClock is a clock with a modern style, produced and designed in Italy, which can work alone or also together with an automation. First of all it is a digital wall clock and an ambient temperature meter, with large, high-brightness LED digits, brightness which self-adjusts according to the ambient light. It always keeps the time accurate, like a radio-controlled clock: for this it is enough to connect it to your WiFi (it synchronizes with a set of atomic clocks). 
We have several shapes, sizes and colors. 
(Black SuperClock with blue illumination, while showing the time) 
In addition to the internal temperature, which it measures by itself, SuperClock can receive and display a second temperature and / or humidity via WiFi from a TXtemp placed somewhere, e.g. outside (click here for more info on TXtemp...). 
(SuperClock black with blue illumination, while showing temperature; display time intervals are adjustable; can also show day, date etc.) 
Most people won't need more than this, and this is fine... no need to go further... 
But some other people will like that it can also show scrolling text that you can control via the internal WiFi (like the whole device), and you can program periodic alarms / actions (e.g. show a text at a given time; or emit sounds for versions that include the SOUND option). 
You can control it WiFi both with Web interface and HTTP calls, and in MQTT; then with various Home Assistants and Hubs for automation and domotics, including ControlHUB
On what is normally the clock you can send a scrolling message, change brightness, etc. 
A great convenience as well as a gimmick of sure effect !! 
Here are its functions summarized with a schematic (but you can also use it "only" and simply as a CLOCK, huh!): 
Orologio Automazione Domotica MQ 
It is available in different colors and lighting, and it is even more beautiful than in the picture! 
It is available in different assemblies: 
- STANDARD V5 must be powered at 5V, obtainable from USB (USB cable included) or from USB mobile phone chargers or a 5V DC power supply; dimensions 135x90mm; 
- STD BAT powered by internal rechargeable lithium battery (it is recharged with a normal micro-USB connector such as smartphones, lasting approximately as a smartphone; cable not included); or with 5V DC through the same connector; dimensions 138x90mm; 
- STD PT1 can cover PT01 PT1 square wall boxes and any other with 4 screws on a square with side 76mm; covered area / dimensions 130x110mm (photo PT1 - yellow version); 
- MAXII V5 must be powered at 5V DC (as for STANDARD V5); dimensions 210 x 110 cm; 
For some of the assemblies we have too: 
- SOUND can emit sounds; 
- TXTR can receive the temperature and possibly humidity from a TXtemp RF version; the basic version can already receive a TXtemp Standard version; 
It can be configured with a PC or Mac or with any smartphone (Android, iPhone, etc.) from an Internet browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox Explorer, etc.) with a few clicks, without the need to install an App. 
The MAXII version, just taken out of the oven to follow your requests, resembles in all respects the classic version but has even larger dimensions, about 11 x 21 cm. 
(SuperClock MAXII white with white lighting) 
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Quick manual for Orologio/SuperClock 
1) connect to WiFi wfeasy.com - on some mobile phones it may be necessary to confirm the connection ("this connection has no Internet, etc. etc.") and / or disconnect the data connection because in some cases it penalizes performance; after the first configuration you can also connect via your own WiFi / an existing WiFi, see point D. 
2) connect with the browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to the wfeasy.com site - if you find it convenient here is the QR: 
QR wfeasy.com 
3) a login page is shown, asking for a password, the standard one is pippo - enter it and click OK. Then the main page is shown: 
impostare ora orologio, scritte 
The clock starts by default at 11.00; clicking "Save" sets the current time as the time / date (obtained from PC / Mac / Smartphone). 
As you can see there is a box where you can enter any text, by clicking "Sentence / Scroll" the clock works as a display showing the scrolling text. Clicking "Clock" returns it to clock mode. 
You will need to enter the Channel / Sensor number if you have an external TXtemp temperature sensor - it must obviously be the same channel set inside the TXtemp. The TXtemp RF version lists the RF channels as well as the WiFi channels (the TXtemp RF usually works at a greater distance and consumes less and less); if you don't have a TXtemp you can leave it at 0 or OFF. 
1) connect etc. as in point A 
2) go down and click the link "in addition to the time show ..."; a window appears where all the things that can be shown are listed, alternating them, and the time in seconds for which they must be displayed: 
ora temperatura cose da mostrare 
If you choose things that are not there or are not turned on / activated it will show blank space or "-". 
1) connect etc. as in point A 
2) at the bottom of the page, click the link "Alarm / Periodic actions", a page will appear where you can add new alarms / actions that are stored. A red cross is shown next to the stored ones that can be used to delete them. 
1) connect etc. as in point A (at wfeasy.com/wfeasy.com) 
2) at the bottom of the main page, choose the link "Settings" 
3) the settings page will appear; immediately under the language, you can insert one or more WiFi to which you can connect; for example. the WiFi at home (or office or whatever); select your WiFi from the list (if it is not there, use the circular button that makes it repeat the search for the WiFi available), enter the password, click "+ + +" (sometimes it disconnects here; just reconnect) 
impostazioni e scelta wifi 
4) below you can define the operating parameters: 
luminositΰ orologio atomico 
For parameters: 
- "Name" is the name you give to the watch (to distinguish it in case you have several); 
- "Password" is the access password (in the image the standard ones; change it); 
- "Brightness" if the automatic brightness variation is OFF, this is the chosen brightness (in the example 100, about 1/5); if the automatic variation is activated, this is the brightness that will be automatically provided in the conditions of full light; 
- "automatically varies brightness" if it is not OFF, the internal sensor is activated and you can choose one of the settings and have a clock that automatically becomes brighter if there is a lot of light, and automatically decreases the brightness in the evening / at night; 
- "TXtemp timeout" for those who have the TXtemp, defines the validity time of the external temperature; for example if you set the TXtemp to transmit the temperature every 15 minutes, here it is okay to put 16 minutes (or 31 to be conservative) 
- "Temperature" you can choose whether to use ° C or ° F; 
- "Offset T" "Offset T (ext)" depending on where the clock or the external temperature sensor is placed, it may happen that they reveal a few degrees more or less than the average temperature that is actually there: here the can be "fixed" 
- "Synchronize with atomic clock" activates clock synchronization with a group of atomic clocks - using your WiFi connection to reach them (WiFi connection must be set up). 
1) connect etc. as in point A at wfeasy.com/wfeasy.com 
2) make sure that you have entered the WiFi parameters as in point D, and that you have memorized / connected them 
3) if it is connected to vs. WiFi, at the bottom of the window, will indicate the name of the WiFi and the IP it assumes, eg. 
4) with the PC / Mac / phone or whatever is connected to the home WiFi at this point 
5) click the link if the page is still there, or type the number on the browser bar, all attached with all the dots that separate it, without spaces, for example or 
To list all the options it takes a moment, so for this we have made a special page with the list of Topics and the table of commands, click here for the HTTP and MQTT manual for SuperClock... 
Get Orologio/SuperClock 
The product is sent in a shockproof box. 
Languages for the user interface: English, Franηais, Italiano, Espaρol, Deutsche. 
Made in Italy.  
(For any questions contact us...) 
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Standard/5V (dimensions 135 x 90mm) 
[+ 14€] PT1Standard/ wall PT1/220V (4 holes on square 76mm; 130 x 110mm) 
[+ 14€] PT1Standard/ wall PT2/220V (4 holes on rectangle 102 x 82mm; 130 x 110mm) 
(see also notes above in the text) 
STD/I TRANSPARENT (dimensions 135x90mm) 
Green €19.90 
orologio da parete verde tr
White €29.90 
orologio da parete bianco tr
Blue €29.90 
orologio da parete blu tr
STD/I WHITE (dimensions 135x90mm) 
Green €19.90 
orologio bianco led verde
White €29.90 
orologio temperatura bianco
Blue €29.90 
orologio temperatura bianco LED
STD/I GRAY (dimensions 130x90mm) 
Green €19.90 
orologio radiocontrollato verde
White €29.90 
orologio radiocontrollato bianco
Blue €29.90 
orologio radiocontrollato blu gr
STD/I BLACK (dimensions 130x90mm) 
Green €25.90 
orologio NERO led VERDI
White €35.90 
orologio nero led bianchi 
Blue €35.90 
orologio nero LED blu
STD/I ROSE (dimensions 130x90mm) 
Green/Yellow €19.90 
White €29.90 
orologio rosa led bianchi 
Blue/Vi €29.90 
orologio ROSA led BLU/Viola 
VERSION E (Light Gray Case, industrial, IP56; dimensions 110x110x48mm) 
Green €29.90 
White €39.90 
orologio temperatura da esterno
Blue €39.90 
orologio blu esterno
MAXII TRANSPARENT (dimensions 210x110mm) 
Green €42.90 
White €42.90 
orologio da parete bianco tr
Blue €42.90 
MAXII WHITE (dimensions 210x110mm) 
Green €42.90 
White €42.90 
orologio bianco luminoso
Blue €42.90 
orologio bianco blu luminoso
MAXII TRANSPARENT ORANGE "NEON" (dimensions 210x110mm) 
Green €42.90 
[orange with green led]
White €42.90 
orologio temperatura arancio tr
Blue €42.90 
[orange with blue led]
MAXII BLACK (dimensions 210x110mm) 
Green €44.90 
White €44.90 
Blue €44.90 
orologio nero luminoso blu
Additional options (BAT=with internal rechargeable battery; more info): 
+ 5€ - SOUND=with beep/sound 
+ 10€ - TXTR=support for TXtemp RF433 version 
+ Sending 9.95€ for UK France Germany Austria Belgium Netherlands Spain Poland - can be combined with other orders on this site - you pay only one shipment; you can place several orders and then wait for the total by email (contact us and/or look at the SPAM folder in case of problems) 
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