TXtemp (standard/RF/GSM) 
It measures the temperature and transmits it (low consumption) via radio and/or WiFi HTTP or MQTT or via GSM / HTTP 
(versions: I, E, TSD, HUM, V5) available [get it now - below]
TXtemp is a compact device that can measure and transmit the temperature, and possibly also the ambient humidity
It works in the basic version with 4 affordable AA batteries (1.5V, alkaline or Lithium; in the V5 version it can be powered at 5V instead of batteries, for example via the USB cable included) and has been expressly designed to have low or very low consumption and to use the cheapest batteries available. In fact, other remote temperature measurement devices already exist, but they are usually expensive to maintain: we wanted something that was not only excellent and working with the most used standards, but even undemanding! 
Transmit Temperature WiFi MQTT or 433MHz radio withn TXtemp! For controls, generic and home automation 
TXtemp can transmit to your Web server (if you don't have one, we can provide it) or to any generic / home automation element via HTTP or MQTT, including SuperClock and DisplayRX  and controllers/repeaters like ControlHUB and RXTXeasy GSM, and hundreds of other third party devices as well. All with adjustable transmission interval, and being able to use WiFi, Radio frequency and / or GSM. 
It turns on, transmits, turns off and stays in standby with very little consumption (around 250nA) until the next transmission. 
trasmetti temperatura WiFi GSM 
(TXtemp version I, AA battery operated, with open lid; it can be fixed to the wall with 2 fischer) 
The Standard version transmits in WiFi, HTTP/MQTT
The RF version also transmits via radio at 433MHz (covering longer distances and with less battery consumption thanks to our other special optimizations - there is nothing else on the market for which batteries last this long!) And can transmit to SuperClock, DisplayRX, ControlHUB and RXTXeasy.. 
That is, the very low consumption only works with our components ?? Not necessarily => if you use this RF version in tandem with an RXTXeasy placed in a place more favorable to the electrical connection, which acts as a bridge RF - HTTP / MQTT, you can take advantage of its low consumption even in generic HTTP/MQTT automations which also include components other than ours. 
Last but not least there is also the GSM version which is useful especially if in the place where we are there is only one temperature to transmit to the server (calling a GET/POST script on your server; Web server which can also be the "internal" ControlHUB server, which already has the script to receive the data automatically). This version obviously requires a GSM SIM (click here for the parameters that are passed..). 
If there are many temperatures or other measurements / data to be transmitted, we suggest using Standard or RF versions supported on a concentrator or controller or display such as RXTXeasy GSM or DisplayRX or ControlHUB that can manage the data as a whole. 
We repeat, all versions can be configured to transmit to a script on a Web server - it can be your "real" web server or a virtual web server of a home automation system (eg ControlHUB), automation home assistant; and they can use MQTT
The format and the data transmission (click for manual HTTP / MQTT...) make the integration with any standard system immediate. 
(TXtemp in version I V5, with 5 or 6V power supply via DC5.5mm plug - USB / 5.5 cable included) 
(TXtemp in EXT version, in near to sealed IP56 box) 
TXtemp can be configured and read with a smartphone or a PC / Mac, with just a few clicks; and does not require APPs or Cloud connections to third parties (although of course, if you like, you can use it with an MQTT cloud or other). 
Version I is recommended for indoor use, version E is within an IP56 box and can therefore be used in more difficult conditions. 
A version with external temperature probe (TSD) is also available. The HUM version also measures humidity. 
Quick manual... 
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We have also TXsoil (soil moisture) and TXdata (tx of anything) 
Obviously it is not necessary to measure only the temperature, we have thought and are thinking about other things too; to date we have TXsoil for soil moisture (to be measured remotely e.g. for irrigation purposes), and for practically any type of measurement we have created TXdata RS485 ModBus - which can be connected to thousands of third party professional ModBus meters existing (and there is something for all needs: temperature and humidity meters, anemometers, voltage meters, energy, light meters, water meters, presence sensors, light sensors, soil moisture sensors, etc.; many meters professional work in standard ModBus; and not just meters; and it also supports RS232). 
The ways in which TXtemp TXsoil TXdata can work: supported by VisualVision products or used for generic automation via WiFi / GSM / HTTP or WiFi / MQTT 
We tried to build an organic system so that whoever gets a TXtemp, TXsoil sensor or a bridge for RS232 or ModBus sensors and devices like TXdata can immediately use them without wasting time in configurations (and we also took the opportunity to insert some things into our system some "extra" not foreseen by the standards!). 
Basically, therefore, they can be used with RXTXeasy GSM or DisplayRX or ControlHUB.. 
But we didn't want to do a "closed system". We have also included the most widespread industrial standards, HTTP and MQTT, so that our elements can be used in any automation
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Quick manual for TXtemp 
1) turn on by pressing the power button 
2) connect to wfeasy.com WiFi 
3) connect with the browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to the wfeasy.com site, here is the QR: 
4) the configuration screen appears, indicating the WiFi "channel" on which to transmit and/or (in the versions that provide it) the RF433 radio channel 
trasmetti temperatura WiFi MQTT 
5) if you have chosen a WiFi channel, make sure that the receiving device is switched on (SuperClockc, or DisplayRX, ControlHUB, RXTXeasy GSM - or your WiFi if you choose to send data to your Web server or to a device with Web / Internet server) then select the "Settings" menu 
6) scroll the page until you find the WiFi section, select the WiFi of the above device (possibly have it redo a search for WiFi with the appropriate reload button; if it is one of the VV devices it will find it automatically and give a button to connect), or your WiFi; enter if you need the WiFi password, "Save" (sometimes it disconnects here; just reconnect in case) 
temperatura WiFi GSM automazione 
7) make sure to always enter the password on the same page, but below (for example if you are "connected" to SuperClock and the SuperClock access password is MickeyMouse, here it should be written MickeyMouse) 
8) alternatively you can use any WiFi and specify the IP of the receiving device (eg. SuperClock, DisplayRX, ControlHUB) 
1) connect etc. as in point A 
2) right under WiFi settings, instead of TX WiFi to DisplayRX / RXeasy, choose the other setting and write your server / script URL. The data is sent via the usual CGI/GET standard, click here for the format... 
tx temperatura wifi server http 
1) connect etc. and go to Settings as in point B 
2) the GSM version also allows you to indicate a possible PIN (leave blank if there is no PIN) and the manager's APN (search for it on Google if you don't know). As for WiFi, the URL of the server / script that will receive the data transmitted according to very simple specifications is indicated, the same as for WiFi/HTTP mode (click here...)
3) in the event that you transmit to a ControlHUB that is accessible via the Web thanks to a static IP or to a Dyn DNS (see ControlHUB website), the internal ControlHUB script must be written, namely: 
(DYN DNS  pippo.dyndns.com) http://pippo.dyndns.com/x 
which is already set up to collect data. 
After connecting as for point B, in the Settings it is possible to define a name for the device, and if the reading periodicity is less than 250 minutes, you can set an interval of hours in which the reading is not carried out/transmitted (for example you can deactivate it on the night, which is useful to save batteries for example when using a TXtemp paired with a SuperClock - while you sleep you don't need to measure the temperature and waste batteries). 
1) connect etc. as for B. and go to Settings. You will need to connect to a WiFi (home, work, laboratory, etc.) to connect to the Internet. In the WiFi settings (as in the figure above illustrating B), choose "WiFi MQTT". 
Then, immediately after the WiFi settings, below the page, there are the MQTT ones. 
You can enter the data relating to the MQTT Broker you want to use; the name of the Topic to be used to control it and to read the temperature is shown. 
Basically, to receive the temperature, just listen on the topic tx-o-devicename 
Get TXTemp 
The product is sent in a shockproof box. Batteries not included (the battery versions work with AA 1.5V, alkaline or lithium batteries; for outdoor environments that go towards zero and below it is advisable to use lithium batteries). 
V5 versions include USB / DC 5.5mm cable. TSD versions include external temperature probe (replaceable). 
Languages for the user interface: English, Franηais, Italiano, Espaρol, Deutsche. 
Made in Italy.  
(For any questions contact us...) 
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Additional options (V5 = powered at 5V or 6V with plug + USB cable instead of internal battery) 
TSD=with external temperature probe + 2 € (subject to availability) 
HUM=with humidity measurement (only for INT version as the EXT box is sealed! subject to availability) +5€ 
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