Data repeater for TXtemp TXsoil TXdata and more, from RF/WiFi to WiFi/MQTT/GSM 
(versions: V5, V12, V5nog) available [get it now - below]
RXTXeasy is a retransmitter or "repeater" from RF / WiFi to WiFi / MQTT / GSM designed to remain always on and receive up to 16  TXtemp / TXdata RS485 ModBus in RF433 transmission, or up to 100 TXtemp / TXdata  / TXsoil (or other devices operating with the same simple HTTP standard) in WiFi transmission, store the received data, retransmit them periodically (you choose the frequency, e.g. once an hour, once a day, once a week) via WiFi HTTP / MQTT or connection GSM / HTTP
For GSM sending requires the insertion of a SIM. 
Ripetitore GSM MQTT WiFi 
You can send data to a script on a web server or to internal DisplayRX / ControlHUB virtual web servers. 
The data are passed in the very common POST standard (from the server you can manage it as you see fit, for example with a Perl PHP Python script etc; it's quite easy; manual with the format of the data sent from RXTXeasy; obviously DisplayRX and ControlHUB  have already an internal script /x that you can use, so that they can immediately take the data from a RXTXeasy). 
RF wifi MQTT GSM ripetitore 
Together with RXTXeasy there are usually several remote TXtemp / TXdata / TXsoil battery-powered units that will switch on only for short intervals (to make the measurement and transmit the reading to RXTXeasy via RF433 or WiFi) and a single RXTXeasy always on (therefore powered with mains or, if mains is not available, for example powered by a large external 12V battery) and which receives and stores all these readings, and then with the predefined interval it will retransmit the data to the server all together (therefore via WiFi or with only 1 GSM SIM and only one connection, and with low data consumption). 
It can be configured via its internal WiFi with any PC / Mac / Smartphone etc. 
It is available in version with 5V power supply (USB cable included) or from 5 to 12V, at rest it has an extremely low consumption. 
If you have questions and ideas besides the contact form as always there is our user's forum. 
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Quick manual for RXTXeasy 
1) turn on by pressing the power button 
2) connect to wfeasy.com WiFi 
3) connect with the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) to the wfeasy.com site, here is the QR: 
4) the configuration screen appears in which it is possible to indicate any RF433 or WiFi channels not to be listened to (otherwise it normally listens to all the channels and stores the data received) 
5) it is then possible to configure the retransmission periodicity and the WiFi / GSM mode 
6) in the Settings, you can connect to a WiFi, if you want to an MQTT Broker, and / or set the APN for the GSM connection; you can choose the name / URL of a script to send data to your web server or to a ControlHUB acting as a real Web server on the web. 
7) there is also a function to see the date and time (and content) of the last received transmissions (useful as a test function) 
Get RXTXeasy 
The product is sent in a shockproof box. 
Size: 98 x 85 x 20mm.  
Power supply DC 5V (USB cable included) or from 5 to 12V (you choose below). 
Languages for the user interface: English, Français, Italiano, Español, Deutsche. 
Made in Italy
(For any questions contact us...) 
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