VV-Soil is a probe for measuring the soil humidity, in the garden, in the fields, in small and large pots, or for detecting the presence / absence / level of water, for example in tanks or other containers, wells, drinking troughs. 
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The sensor is capacitive, has good precision and it is very resistant to corrosion (unlike typical resistive sensors), and the measurement of humidity does not depend on the salinity of the soil. 
The probe is sealed and can be submerged. 
It connects with a standard 2.54mm Dupont connector; the pinout is shown in the photo. 
It requires a constant power supply voltage between 3 and 12 Volts (absorption: less than 10mA). 
It has an analog output (2KOhm output impedance) to which you will typically apply a load of 1MOhm. 
With 3.3V power supply and about 10MOhm load the "dry" output (humidity 0%) is about 2.5V, when immersed in a jug of water (about 100%) the output is about 1.5V. With other supply voltages, the values change. 
Notice that it is necessary to supply a constant stable power supply voltage (e.g. taken from a good voltage regulator) because the output voltage depends on the supply voltage. 
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We use VV-Soil inside TXsoil: our device for measuring and transmitting humidity 
TXsoil measures and transmits (with transmission interval of your choice) the soil moisture, or the presence / level of water. It is supplied in an IP56 box and normally works with 4 AA batteries (1.5V, alkaline or Lithium). It can transmit HTTP / MQTT via WiFi to multiple visualization and automation systems (including our DisplayRX, ControlHUB) and in RF version also with a special low consumption RF transmission (received from DisplayRX, ControlHUB or RXTXeasy GSM). 
It also exists in GSM version, and can call a script on your Web server (inserting a SIM; click here for the parameters passed to the HTTP script), or speak to ControlHUB (thanks to its internal Web server, if port 80 is routed to the Internet) . 
We have also TXtemp (temperature) and TXdata (tx of anything) 
It is interesting to measure the soil moisture, but we have also thought of other things; and so then we have TXtemp to measure the temperature (one of the uses of TXtemp is in association with Orologio/Superclock), and for practically any type of measurement TXdata (RS232, RS485 ModBus) - which can be connected to thousands of professional RS232 or ModBus existing third parties meters (and there is something for all needs: temperature and humidity meters, anemometers, voltage meters, energy, light meters, water meters, presence sensors, brightness sensors, soil moisture sensors, etc. ; practically all professional meters are available with output in ModBus or RS232 standards; and not just meters). 
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The product is sent in shockproof packaging. 
Made in Italy!  
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